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UK Sole Rep Visa

UK Sole Rep Visa

UK Sole Rep Visa

The Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa is planned basically to permit senior executives and supervisors of an abroad organization to enter the UK to set up the organization’s first UK office, branch, or auxiliary. 

The sole representative visa is allowed for very long time-3 years, at that point stretched out for a further two years to the five-year point, so, all things considered, one can apply for indistinct leave to remain. One year from that point forward, you would have the choice to apply to establish yourself as a British resident. The family and dependents follow a similar pathway to settlement and citizenship. 

Any senior leader or the board faculty who are obligated to run either entirely or auxiliary parts of the business in the UK are qualified to apply under such projects. It’s an extraordinary chance for financial specialists and top-administration heads who are hoping to settle down forever in the UK. As a developing confided in firm, Visa Planet trust can make a point to give immaculate immigration benefits and guided you to one bit nearer to Permanent Resident. However UK specialists can declare the visa application choice in 3 weeks, yet in some extra muddled issues, a choice can be made in 5 working days.

Eligibility for Sole Representative Visa:

  • Proof of English proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL)
  • To be eligible to apply for a sole rep visa, the applicant must be living outside of UK
  • Demonstrating proof of seeding fund for yourself or dependents (minimum of £945 for 90 days in bank account)
  • Minimum amount of £50,000 has to be demonstrated to set up the business 
  • Applicant has to be more than 18 years of age
  • No criminal record in the local police records

Visa Planet Immigrations is an expert in UK Sole Representative Visa. Through our impeccable guidance and services, we have sent many business applicants and their families in the UK who are living as British citizens. You also can be one of those. Book an appointment now for further guidance.