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Startup Visa

Startup Visa

Startup Visa

If you have a creative business idea and looking to establish it abroad then Canada’s startup visa program is your best bet. Canada is searching for gifted business visionaries that are keen on beginning organizations that will animate the Canadian economy while making work openings for its occupants.

This program urges worker startups to develop their organizations in Canada. Effective candidates connect with private area associations in Canada, where they can get financing, direction, and skill in opening and working their endeavor in Canada. 

The startup candidate should have a practical business project that will meet the prerequisites of government-affirmed assigned elements. Regularly, business specialists in the Canadian startup market alongside experienced corporate business migration attorneys will guarantee new company plans meet all industry required terms and conditions. 

In the event that a business visionary has a reasonable new company project, it will require around 4-6 months to make sure about a responsibility authentication/letter of help from an assigned element. When a letter of help is gotten, the application for the lasting home can be submitted. It will require around a year and a half to finish the application for visa issuance. 

You have three options to acquire a startup visa in Canada;

  • Get acceptance from a business incubator set up to work upon your plan
  • Find a government accredited angel investor who is willing to invest $ 60,000 U.S. ($ 75,000 Canadian) in your business idea
  • Or find a venture capital group that is registered with the government and is ready to grant you 150,000 U.S. ($ 200,000 Canadian) 

Visa Planet Immigrations are skilled in getting startup visa to enthusiastic candidates who have exceptional startup ideas. We will assist in identifying the right investors for your idea. Book an appointment now to fulfill your dream of setting up your startup in Canada.